Congrats to Jerry Brown on 15 years!

posted on Friday, January 17, 2020

Congratulations to Jerry Brown on 15 years with Iowa Select Farms!


Don’t let Jerry’s 15-year milestone fool you, he’s been working in the business since 1982. Jerry started out making equipment for Modern Hog Concepts. As that company grew, his role did too. Eventually he joined Iowa Select Farms as a maintenance technician and now leads a team of 12 that supports the eastern Iowa nursery and finishing farms.

Jerry says it’s the feel good aspect of being on the maintenance team that keeps him moving forward. “When our job is done and we’re pulling out of a farm, we know we’ve made it better,” he says. Multiply the hundreds of maintenance tickets that comes in each week for his team, Jerry chuckles when he says “it’s as an opportunity to have a whole lot of feel good moments.”

In fact, he admits that his most memorable days are the ones when he’s faced the biggest obstacles. We all know the kind—the call that comes in at 7:02 a.m.--or the middle of the night—when Mother Nature strikes, or what we consider the 911 of pig care—something that messes with the air, feed or water provided to our pigs.

Jerry says it’s the culture and abilities the people in the company have that allows them to overcome every obstacle that has been the most rewarding to him over the years.

“We always keep moving forward here—we’re growing, bringing on more people and finding better ways to do things,” says Jerry. My gosh if you need proof look at our market schedule (which is 750 loads this week, if anyone is wondering) “Our growth has led to so much opportunity for people. We’re always improving, always getting better at things. It’s been a remarkable experience.”