Congrats to our Q2 SelectPride winners!

posted on Saturday, August 6, 2016

Congratulations to Doug, Joe, Misty and the Sow 16 team on the 2nd quarter Select Pride win! The crew at Sow 16 continues to earn bragging rights one of the top farms in the sow system, landing in the number one spot for Q1 an Q2 of this year, and Q2 an Q3 of 2015.

"Doug has built a solid team at Sow 16 and they are pushing towards a 15 total born average with a 13.43 born alive, which is above our system targets," said Don Hunt, senior supervisor for our southern Iowa farms. "His department heads both have a lot of experience and they are also stepping up to help train new employees to be transferred to Sow 17, 15 and 28. Another key driver is that Chad and his team at Stalker 2 GDU are continually a top GDU in our system and they are right in sync with Sow 16."

Other notables for the quarter included a substantial leap into the #2 spot for Sow 30. "Rhonda and the Sow 30 breeding department did a great job hitting their breeding targets which resulted in pushing up their farrowing rates," said Don. "Sow 30 has always had one of the best farrowing houses in the company and hit an 82.15 total born conversion for the quarter."

Mary and her team at Sow 23 and John and his Sow 26 team landed in the #3 and #4 spot, respectively. "Mary and John are very similar in that they are always consistent in the expectations they have for their team, how they train their people and how they execute the day-to-day," said Dan Dean, senior sow supervisor for the northern region.

Bert and her team at Sow 2 have also climbed their way up the chart thanks to getting the right people in the right spot. "Last year they went through some restructuring and retooling and now all of that planning and training is falling into place for the team, their hard work is now paying off," said Dan.

Louis at the Sow 15 continues to climb up the list, moving from the #10 spot to #7. "Louis knows exactly what is going on his farm, he understands his targets and the steps he needs to take to keep improving," said Don. ‪#‎billionpounds‬

Congratulations to the following SelectPride Farms:
1. Sows 16-led by Doug
2. Sow 30-led by Rhonda
3. Sow 23-led by Mary
4. Sow 26-led by John
5. Sow 2-led by Roberta (Bert)
6. Sow 5-led by Adrianna
7. Sow 15-led by Louis
8. Sow 22-led by Mike
9. Sow 117-led by Al
10. Sow 116-led by Gerhard