Congrats to Q1 top finishing supervisor, Loren!

posted on Monday, April 18, 2016

Hats off to Loren and his teams at F024-Swartz, F025-Aldinger, F043-Ackley, F138-Marton/McNickle, F147-Prism/Franklin, F238-Meyer, F240-Ellingson, F249-Elk Run Peterson, F252- Pralle 1, F253-Pralle 2, F343-Praine, F387- Noelck #2, F396-Reeve, F476-Oakland, F497-Rollene, F501-ISO Pork, F555-Button, F569-Thielen, F585-Held, F634-Triple S on their first place finish for the quarter.

Each quarter, the results of finishing performance metrics (marketing, mortality, supervisor visit, production well-being evaluations, director/vet site visits) are calculated and then the outcomes of important components such as production well-being audits are applied, ending in the generation of a “production + caretaker index” for all supervisors.

Here is the entire top ten list for Q1, congratulations to these finishing supervisors and their teams:

Loren P—1st Place
Jeremiah H—2nd Place
Kevin A—3rd Place
Dan R—4th Place
Doug K—5th Place
Mike L—6th Place
Jason P—7th Place
Chris S—8th Place
Barb C—9th Place
Dave S—10th Place

And congratulations to the entire finishing team on ending the first quarter 101% on goal. This is result of a lot of hard work on the part of every individual on the team—technicians, farm managers, supervisors, transportation, load crews and all of the support teams.

“I am really proud of this team and what they have accomplished already this year,” said Allen, Director of Finishing. “Being a supervisor isn’t easy, they get pulled in many directions and have a lot of responsibilities, but they’ve done a great job maximizing their time in the barns alongside their farm managers—especially during the first six weeks after weaned pigs are placed—and the efforts are making a huge impact. Pigs just need a lot of extra care during that phase, and if we can identify issues early we can get them the help they need to thrive.” ‪#‎billionpounds‬