Congrats to these GDU teams on their top ten performance!

posted on Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Congrats to these GDU teams on their top ten performance for the first quarter. This continues to be a heated race with Chad and his team at Stalker 2 defending their title as the top farm supplying bred gilts to Sow 16, also the top sow farm for the quarter.

1. Stalker 2 (Sow 16)
2. Hemann East (Sow 23)
3. Poppen (Sow 11)...
4. Gast (Sow 13, Sow 14)
5. Jensen (Sow 25, Sow 26)
6. Davis 1 (Sow 21)
7. Glenview (Sow 19)
8. Cyclone (Sow 12)
9. Miles (Sow 24)
10. Gravity (Sow 22)

“While our GDUs are continuously working to provide replacement gilts to our sow farms, this team is also stepping up in a major way, volunteering and organizing themselves into teams and taking on the breeding projects we need to depop/repop farms as a health strategy,” said Jeremiah, the senior gilt development supervisor for Iowa Select Farms. "Everyone’s working hard on biosecurity, especially with the high health status of the GDUs, and we’re focused on individual pig care and hitting our targets to get us to our billion pound goal."

A few highlights—eight GDUs reached or exceeded our system target of 13.4 total born, led by Hemann East with a 14.1 average for the quarter. Total born drives pigs weaned, which means the performance at the gilt developers is a key driver of our billion pound journey.

Six farms reached or exceeded the system target of 12 born alive, led by Hemann East with a 12.5, followed closely by Stalker 2 and Davis 1, both hitting a 12.4 born alive.

Glenview led the way with 100% bred with an HNS (heat, no service) followed closely by Poppen with 99.5%. An HNS gilt has already experienced a heat cycle but has not been bred, or “served.” There is a clear benefit to observing heats prior to servicing the gilts. Total born and live born numbers improve in the first farrowing and this improvement stays throughout the lifetime of the gilt.

Jensen G125 makes its debut into the GDU select pride switching from breeding Sow 29 back up gilts in the first quarter to breeding for Sow 25 and Sow 26, landing them in a top five spot.

“Many new farms are working to keep their spots in the top ten as the year progresses,” said Tysen, GDU Supervisor. “It will be interesting to see how health stabilizing plays a role in the months and quarters to come. The exciting thing about SelectPride is that any farm in our system has the means to get there.” ‪#‎billionpounds