Congratulation to Greg on Retirement

posted on Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Greg's RetirementCongrats to Greg on his retirement!

“It will be different not to get up and go into the farm every day,” said Greg, who is retiring after nearly 16 years with Iowa Select Farms.

Greg’s worked most of his career at a gilt developer located east of Humeston, Iowa. Doug, his supervisor for the duration, is of course excited for Greg’s retirement, but admits how much he’ll miss having Greg around. “He’s incredibly dependable, always jumps right in to help with extra jobs and I especially appreciated how detail-oriented he is.”

Both Greg and Doug spoke to the hard work and sheer grit that comes with pig farming, especially in the face of a PRRS clean-up, which requires a tremendous amount of washing and sanitation. “He never once complained about the extra work, just came in and got the work done so we could get the farm back up and running.”

Greg has been involved in farming for more of his life in fact. For 20 years before joining Iowa Select Farms, he helped a local farmer with his hog, cattle, and row crop operation.
“I grew up in and around agriculture and I consider myself relatively handy,” said Greg. He said he especially loves working with livestock, which is why he applied at Iowa Select Farms.

“I’ve been so lucky to live ten minutes from the farm,” said Greg. “It’s been a good job, close to home, and it’s something I’ve enjoyed.”

Randy, who oversees the southern Iowa gilt development system, said he’s also miss having Greg around. “He’s an easy-going guy. Always friendly, always shows up to work early and a great guy—we’re all appreciative of being about to have Greg on our team for so long, and we’re happy for him.”

And for retirement? Well, he’s getting married. Then, he and is fiancé, Kim, are going to enjoy their new camper. “I feel like I’m starting all over again,” said Greg. “We’re ready to get out and do some traveling and enjoy spending the next chapter of our lives, together.”

Greg, we’re so happy for you!