Congratulation to Jerry on his Select Pride Partner Win

posted on Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Jerry-Select Pride Partner
“Whenever I call Jerry with a problem at the farm, he helps—no matter what.” Comments like this filled nomination forms from farm managers and production supervisors who nominated Jerry for the SelectPride Partner Award, recognizing those who provide exemplary service to our farms.

As our maintenance supervisor for the eastern Iowa region, Jerry and his team are accountable for the preventative maintenance and repair of over 200 farms throughout Hardin, Grundy, Butler, Hamilton, Franklin, Wright, Mitchell and Howard counties.

Jerry started his career with Iowa Select Farms—technically Modern Hog Concepts—in 1982. As that company grew, his role did too. When Iowa Select Farms was founded in 1992, he became a maintenance technician. Now he leads a team of 12 repair and maintenance professionals.

“I think the biggest thing about Jerry is that no matter what I call about, he says his team will get it figured out,” said Tim, senior finishing supervisor. “He personally puts so much of himself and his time to dealing with all of the things pig production brings.”
Tim’s referring to 24/7 pig care, which can mean fixing things in the dead of night and in the dead of winter. “He and his team are right there alongside of us, and we’re so grateful.”

One of nominators said of Jerry, “He has a deep sense of responsibility to the barns, and ultimately, the animals and teams who are counting on the facilities to provide a good pig environment.”

Another nominator talked specifically about the time there was a problem with a well on a farm. “Jerry stayed at the farm until 10 p.m. when the well company arrived to fix the problem. He has tremendous dedication, and he sees his jobs through to the end.”

According to Matt, a technician on Jerry’s team, Jerry also hates being late. “The maintenance team usually starts at 7:00 a.m., but Jerry is always at work before 6:00 a.m., getting organized and staying ahead of things.”

Senior Finishing Supervisor Tom said, “Nothing says more about Jerry than this year’s rally cry of ‘We Can, We Will,’ in fact, that’s been his approach ever since I’ve known him. In even the most extreme circumstances he’s there with his team to bring solutions and support us.”

Matt said Jerry is a true believer in accountability and tries instilling that in his team. “He gives all of us techs the tools we need to succeed and the leeway to learn from failures, which helps us get better.”

Jerry leads by example. “You'll NEVER see him at a job site standing there while everyone else is working,” said Matt. “He jumps right in, which motivates everyone around him.”

Congratulations to Jerry on receiving the SelectPride Partner Award for his We Can, We Will attitude and commitment to providing great leadership on the maintenance team!