Congratulations to Rueben on 25 Years of Service with Iowa Select Farms

posted on Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Rueben Rinker in hog barn
“I enjoy the sense of accomplishment in working with pigs,” said Reuben Rinker, an employee of 25 years, who also points to the lasting friendships he’s enjoyed during his career at Iowa Select Farms.

When reflecting on his time with the company, like most, Reuben says he can’t believe it’s been this long. When he worked at Arends sow farm years ago, he remembers that the born alive target was 10, and the weaned pig target was 9. Today, it’s 13.7 and 12.5, respectively.

“We’ve made so much production improvement, and it’s rewarding to be a part of it,” he said. He can recall doing practices most farmers no longer use, like hand feeding, cleaning out water troughs (now we have individual spigots), natural insemination and double tattooing piglets for identification.

Reuben might take the record for the farms he’s contributed to. Over the years, Reuben has worked at Cadillac, Rout, Stumme, Jacobson, Arends, Jernquist, Opal, Nelsen, Gravity, Three Fires, Conway, Brooks, Glenview, Davis 1&2 and Davis Iso.

Though he’s moved around, today, he lives in Webster City and is the farm manager of Jacobson. He says his favorite memories are the Christmas parties in downtown Des Moines at the Regency; then all the hog roasts the company would host in Williams, complete with yard games.

“I love the hog industry, but the people make the difference.”

He's a qualified source! Reuben can list employees like Chad Shultz (finishing supervisor), Chris Nydegger (sow supervisor), Tim Hermsen (senior finishing supervisor) and Doug Heberlin (Cheers gene transfer center), who have all built careers alongside him. Not to mention his brother, Andy, whom managers Cheers.

All of whom are making a difference at Iowa Select Farms.

Congrats to Reuben on 25 years with Iowa Select Farms!