Congratulations to Q1 Select Pride Team

posted on Monday, September 13, 2021

“Cody has always treated everyone—every pig and every person—with such respect,” said Courtney, a multiplication supervisor. “He does what is right for our animals every day by keeping a close eye on each pig. He knows what it means to give great pig care.”

Cody is the manager of Lark multiplication nursery, once again the winning Q1 SelectPride team that’s rounded out with Nikki and Jerri.

“Cody, Nikki and Jerri work extremely well together,” said Tysen, senior multiplication supervisor. “They have been focusing on the little things and accelerated in many areas, including animal health and biosecurity. I have no doubt they’ll be in contention of the first-place spot for many quarters to come.”

Cody stands in a barn.

Multiplication nurseries grow pigs that are newly weaned from a multiplier sow farm, meaning they are only a few weeks old when they arrive. The Lark team ensures that these pigs are comfortable in their environment.

“The way they work together is really remarkable,” said Courtney. “Cody will do anything to help his team out, including spending free time to help out at other farms, too.”

Having been at Lark since its opening in 2019, Cody has taken this farm as his own, keeping it in great shape.

After being successful for the last few quarters, Cody wants to keep his team’s momentum going. Caretakers Nikki and Jerri play integral roles.

“Nikki and Jerri know what to do, when to do it and how to do it right,” said Cody. “They come to me with new ideas to help make our work more efficient. It’s been really great working with them both, we’re a family.”

Cody inspects a group of pigs.

Lark, Kerrigan and Stalker #1, the three farms Cody, Nikki, and Jerri care for, consistently land in the top five rankings for Select Pride each quarter.

As for the future, Cody says they’re going to continue focusing on great teamwork and excellent animal care.

“We’re committed to top notch animal care and health, keeping the right pig in the right place, consistency and being very selective of our gilts so that we can ensure farms are getting the best of the best from our farms,” said Cody. “If that continues to keep us at the top, that’s just an added bonus."

Cody holds a young pig.