Congratulations to Cassidy Becker on your Iowa Select Farms Future Ag Leader Scholarship

posted on Monday, December 23, 2019


Congratulations to Cassidy Becker on your Iowa Select Farms Future Ag Leader Scholarship!

Cassidy is a graduate of Diagonal Community High School and is pursuing a degree in Elementary Education at Northwest Missouri State University.

“I have always loved working with kids in any aspect that I can, so picking a career in Education seemed natural. Through my Middle and High School experience, I had many opportunities to work with preschool and elementary-aged students in different aspects. In addition, my third grade and Middle School English teacher were spectacular individuals who really drew my attention to teaching. It was because of those teachers and my working with kids through school that led me to choose a career path in Education,” explained Cassidy.

“Throughout my life, I have had the chance to meet many people while being involved in agriculture, specifically the cattle industry. I believe that through my experiences in agriculture, my abilities to teach and communicate with others have been enhanced. Although I want to go into the educational field, this will not slow my involvement in the beef industry and agriculture in general.”

After graduation, Cassidy would like to stay in Iowa and be an Elementary Special Education teacher. Cassidy’s dad is Joe Becker the manager at Sow 16.

Cassidy goes on to share that “the way that Iowa Select Farms not only gives back to their employees but also communities around the state is extraordinary. I have seen firsthand how the company provides opportunities for their employees and the families to attend different sporting events, the Iowa State Fair, Adventureland, and concerts to name a few. Not only, but the way they give back through the donations of loins is remarkable.”