Congratulations to Mark on Finishing First in Finishing SelectPride Both in Q2 and Q3

posted on Wednesday, November 13, 2019


“I see this win as an accomplishment for my entire team,” said finishing supervisor, Mark Hendricks. “It takes everyone working together, providing the best possible care for our animals every single day. I’m lucky to work alongside some really great folks.”

Congratulations to Mark and his team of growers for placing first in finishing SelectPride rankings both Q2 and Q3.

Mark has worked at Iowa Select Farms since 2010 and primarily works with growers in central and eastern Iowa. His role requires him to provide constant support to his team, set up barns, provide daily oversight and market animals, among many other responsibilities. His days can be hectic, but Mark says he wouldn’t change his career for the world.

“I’ve always loved working with pigs,” said Mark, who’s first livestock experience dates back to high school, caring for gilts as an FFA member in Wamego, Kansas. “It’s rewarding working with farmers—people who share the same sense of responsibility and desire to treat animals, and the land, right.”

In his current role, Mark oversees 22 farms and works closely with 11 growers. According to Allen Whiley, Director of Grow-Finish, Mark is very steady and will put in the time to get things done. He takes pride in marketing and even with a busy schedule, sets time aside to help younger supervisors and his growers improve.

“Mark is always willing to help us out, whether that means coming in early or staying late,” said Wes Beenken, a contractor who has worked alongside Mark for seven years. “Our team works together very well. Whether we’re helping each other set up barns, loading pigs or checking on a site. We’ve all got each other’s backs and Mark is no exception. He always helps us get the job done.”

In addition to Wes, Mark’s team consists of Al DeBerg, Brad Hockemeyer, Jeff Jeske, Jeff Werkman, Jered Horner, Jordan Vansice, Landon Schrage, Ryan Bakker, Shane Harken, and Shawn Balvanz.

Mark’s team primarily consists of farmers that care for pigs on the side as a way to diversify and add value to their operations.

“This is a team that brings a lot of pig care experience to the table,” said Katie Wedel, DVM. “They know what to look for, which allows them to catch things ahead of time and provide great overall care for our animals. There’s also a lot of fun personalities in this group. You can see the comradery they share and the positive impact it makes on production."

Supervisor rankings are determined based on supervisor site assessments, production well-being assessments, team mortality, and marketing. For Mark, success in those areas lies in the details.

“Good growers are conscientious, patient and willing to work with the system,” said Mark. “Iowa Select Farms is a cutting-edge company and sometimes it can be hard to accept additional responsibilities, but my team does a great job of stepping up to the plate. They meet our expectations, which makes my job a lot easier.”

Success also comes from having a great support system.

“We’ve got a great team beside us,” said Landon, who oversees eight farms. “Everyone at Iowa Select Farms works as a team, not just the growers. From feed and transportation to nutrient management and our vet, there’s a lot of people looking out for us. We couldn’t do it without them.”

Congratulations to Mark and his team of growers for their continued SelectPride success! Keep up the great work.