Congratulations to Missy on 15 Years of Service with Iowa Select Farms

posted on Thursday, September 1, 2022

Missy McElroy in the hog barn
“I remember going to a farm for an application, completing an interview and then getting sent back to the barn with a paper map to start the workday—it’s amazing how far we’ve come as a company,” said Missy. “15 years have flown by, just like that.”

Congratulations to Missy McElroy, who is celebrating 15 years of service with Iowa Select Farms!

“I look forward to going to work and planning out a day for my crew,” said Missy, the breeding department head at Primrose sow farm. “I enjoy seeing the positive outcomes of providing the best animal care possible.”

As the breeding department head, Missy is responsible for overseeing a group of six individuals that are breeding leads at the farm. Through this, she says each day is mostly routine—except on Wednesdays, they body score their animals, and on Thursdays, they pregnancy check their sows. She enjoys being a role model for others and showing her leadership skills, which she utilizes both on and off the farm. For 12 of the 15 years Missy has worked for Iowa Select Farms, she has been a high school and youth sports coach.

“I love being able to coach varsity volleyball and JV and varsity softball here in Riceville,” she said. “I also referee junior high and JV girls and boys basketball and work with youth athletes in volleyball and basketball.” Missy says she feels fortunate to work for a company that offers her the flexibility to do these activities while also being a mom.

“Coaching youth sports is a passion of mine, and this job has allowed me to do that, but it has also had me home in time to get my kids off the bus,” said Missy. “Iowa Select Farms has always been about family—it’s nice to work a job I love but also be there for my husband, Joe, and our three children, Melanie, Taylor and Regan.”

Looking back, Missy says there are many notable moments from work, including being featured in a video showing future employees different job roles and tasks they may do. However, she says her favorite memory is being able to work alongside two of her daughters. Congrats, Missy, we’re so lucky to have you!