Congratulations to Monty on 15 Years of Service with Iowa Select Farms

posted on Saturday, September 17, 2022

Monty standing in the Osceola warehouse
“It’s good to see us grow,” said Monty McIntire, Osceola warehouse manager. “We’ve built some new farms and rebuilt our old ones. That’s a good sign there’s a future here. We’re always moving forward.”

Monty has a good line of sight on the growth. He oversees our Osceola warehouse, a facility built in 2019 to better support the caretakers and farms throughout the southern Iowa region. This month, Monty is celebrating his 15-year anniversary with Iowa Select Farms.

Monty says he likes the variety. “I see different people, work on different projects, and each day has much variety.”

What makes him happiest? An organized warehouse.

Thousands of SKUs and hundreds of orders flow weekly from the farms. He and his small team “pick” the supplies, organize the orders and oversee the logistics and delivery using a dedicated supply truck.

Efficiency, accuracy, timeliness of fulfillment and biosecure housing and distribution are important to Monty because it’s important to the farms. He says he’s proud of the space and the systems in place.

“We’ve come a long way from the little warehouse in Afton,” he smiles.

In his spare time, Monty says he enjoys hunting, finishing and all-around tinkering in his garage. Above all, though, Monty loves spending time with his family.

Monty, we’re so lucky to have you!