Congratulations to Our Q2 Top GDU SelectPride Award Winners!

posted on Thursday, September 3, 2020

Congratulations to our Q2 Top GDU SelectPride Award Winners!


Gilt Developer Units

1st Jensen G125⁠⁠—Roy and team
⁠2nd Gravity G541⁠—Danny and team
3rd Hunt G948⁠—James and team
4th Brooks G544⁠—Virgil and team
5th ⁠Wood G760—Bryce and team
6th Saratoga G⁠733—Craig and team
7th ⁠Sharpsburg G539—Tracy and team
8th Lucas County G043⁠—Doug and team
9th Mott G500—Chris and team
10th Davis 2 G019⁠—Raul and team

According to director of gilt development, Jeremiah, it was a strong quarter for the entire GDU system. Collectively, the farms are 3% higher than a year ago on their PCP, or pregnancy check positive, rates.

“Second quarter is historically a strong quarter for our team and although we were thrown a few curve balls here and there, it didn’t disappoint,” said Jeremiah. “Our farms have been doing a tremendous job with execution and consistency—things that are crucial to their success.”

Although this was Jensen’s fifth SelectPride win in the last 18 months, there are not many points that separate them and Davis #2, who rounded out the Top Ten for the quarter. In fact, there were only twenty points separating the two farms, meaning it was an extremely tight race to the top.

In addition to consistency and execution, Jeremiah said one of the key factors in GDU success has been low turnover. “We’re starting to see more experience from top to bottom in all of the on-farm roles,” he said. “It helps tremendously when everyone knows what is expected of them and can make a positive impact on the goals of the farm.”

One of those farms Jeremiah is specifically referencing is Wood G760, led by new (to Iowa Select, not pork production) manager Bryce. “Talk about a young, eager team,” he smiled. “Bryce took over the farm about a year ago and overcame a lot, from starting with a new crew to being short-staffed and simply learning the ins and outs of the farm. He and his team haven’t complained one bit, they’ve stuck together and worked hard. That crew’s just done a super job.”


A manager that didn’t make the Top Ten but deserves some recognition is Clint at Sharpsburg and Stamps. “Stamps was a breeding project that was kept a little too tight for a little too long, but Clint did an incredible job running that farm,” said Jeremiah. “In fact, he’s one of the few managers I’ve seen successfully run two GDUs which is no easy feat.”

As the GDU team progresses into the last leg of 2020, Jeremiah hopes they continue on the momentum from the past two quarters. “There’s been a lot of changes that have taken place in regards to health strategies, so carrying the momentum and low turnover from a staffing standpoint will be huge,” he said. “There may have been a few hiccups this year, but everyone has stuck together and that same momentum they used to get through Q2 will carry us through to the end of the year and I’m excited to see all that they accomplish. We’re on track to put out another really, really good year.”

More pictures of our winners here: