Congratulations to Rudy for Celebrating 20 Years with Iowa Select Farms!

posted on Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Rudy Celebrates 20 Years
Congratulations to Rodolfo, or Rudy as we lovingly know him, for celebrating 20 years with Iowa Select Farms!

If you know Rudy, you’ll know how committed he is to his farm and doing his job well. For 18 years now, Rudy has been an animal caretaker at Sow 8.
“I’ve always enjoyed my work here,” he said. “Every year the company seems to have gotten better, whether it’s by adding farms or setting our goals higher. We continue to strive for excellence, and I like that about the company.”

A native of Sonora, Michoacán, Mexico, Rudy now lives in Belmond alongside his wife and son. He grew up on a small acreage that had cows and horses. “No pigs,” chucked Rudy. “But I’ve always enjoying working with animals so I knew I would like this job.”

The majority of Rudy’s time nowadays is spent in the breeding department, but he’s also enjoyed the opportunities in farrowing he’s had. Staying at the same farm for so many years has been easy for him because he’s always enjoyed his team, the job and work environment.

“If we ever have a new employee come to the farm, I teach them to work carefully, treat the animals well and be timely on your treatments,” he said. “I make sure to take the time to explain things that could potentially be a safety issues or that they should take special care with. I’ve learned a lot over the years, so I know it’s helpful when I can share things, including the details.”

Of course, Rudy has seen and experienced many changes over the years, including growth on the production side and improvements in technology, special care when it comes to animal well-being and biosecurity. “It just seems that everything keeps getting better,” he said. “Every year, the company focuses on something, whether inside or outside of the farm, that makes us better at our jobs and more efficient. We have definitely changed a lot over the years, but I think it’s been for the better.”

Outside of work, Rudy enjoys spending time with his wife Elia and son Rodolfo. He also enjoys cooking for his family and friends. He’s learned, especially this past year, it’s the little things in life that make people happy—and we couldn’t agree more.

Thank you for 20 years of dedication and commitment to Iowa Select Farms, Rudy! We are lucky to have you on our team.