Congratulations to Sheila Munyon for celebrating 20 years with Iowa Select Farms!

posted on Wednesday, October 23, 2019


Congratulations to Sheila Munyon for celebrating 20 years with Iowa Select Farms!

If you live in southern Iowa, you’ve more than likely passed Sheila on the road a time, or two, without even realizing it. She is responsible for the safe and timely transport of all genetics in southern Iowa.

Sheila’s career started in 1999 at Davis Sow 21 in the farrowing department. After about one year, she transferred to the GDU side of things to help with a breeding project. Then, in 2001, she transferred to the boar stud where she would help with morning chores, collections and lab work in the morning and drive the semen delivery route in the afternoon.

“I have a lot of good memories from working at the stud,” she smirked. “From the guys scaring me to the conversations out in the barn, I definitely miss being able to talk with that crew every day like we used to. We always had such a great time working together.”

Seven years ago, Sheila took on the courier position full-time. In her current role, she stops at Cheers Boar Stud in the mornings and then delivers to each GDU and sow farm in the area. On average, she makes about 25 stops per day and travels nearly 5,000 miles each month.

Although she misses her conversations with co-workers at the boar stud (a notoriously tenured farm), she enjoys the opportunity to talk with different farm employees and managers in the area.

“It’s rewarding getting to meet and form friendships with other employees, many of whom are from the same area as me,” explained Sheila, who was raised and still lives in the Kellerton-area. “The semen delivery route is a fairly important role in the company because production can’t continue without it. I take a lot of pride in doing my job well while also providing great customer service.”

Two of the strongest friendships Sheila has formed over the years are actually with her managers, Andy Riniker and Brian Qualley.

“The stud group is close-knit, we’re like our own little family,” said Sheila. “I have been luck from the start to work with great managers and people, but my friends at the boar stud are simply the best. If you ask me, Brian and Andy are the best supervisor and manager around.”

When she’s not at work, Sheila enjoys spending time with her family—sons Brandon and Jared and his girlfriend Kaylee, longtime boyfriend, Billy and his children Andrew and Alyssa. Sheila also keeps busy with her four grandchildren, Jace, Jordan, Ashton and six-month old baby Maddy.

“My favorite kids are definitely my boxers, Gunner and Jessi,” she joked. “We take them with us camping and kayaking on the weekends. We love traveling the state and exploring new campgrounds.”

Brandon and her mom, Janet, actually work for Iowa Select Farms, as well. Brandon manages Lee GDU and Janet helps pick up samples from area farms.

“Iowa Select Farms has been very good to our family and we enjoy working here,” she said. “The company does a great job taking care of their employees and from friendships to fun trips with my family, I’m grateful for everything the past 20 years has provided.”