Congratulations to Sow 1 for Earning the Q1 First Place Spot Earlier This Year

posted on Tuesday, July 30, 2019

“My team deserves this win more than I do,” said Cadillac Sow 1 farm manager, Rick Chamberlin. “I push them every single day, but it’s because I know what they’re capable of. They’re better than good—they’re great.”

Sow 1 Team

Congratulations to Sow 1 for earning the Q1 first place spot earlier this year. This was the farm’s fourth first place finish in the last five quarters. Earlier this year, we celebrated their win with a surprise pizza party and visit from members of their support departments.

“If there’s anything the top farms do a great job of, it’s paying close attention to the details,” said Dan Dean, director of sow production. “We have noticed our barns as healthy and more stable, which means when we ranked the farms every little detail and number mattered. Whether it was half percent for farrowing rates, 1/10 of a pig born a live, 1/10 of a pig in pigs weaned, the little things really made a difference. It was a very close competition.”

The team at Sow 1 earlier this year when they celebrated their Q1 win consisted of Manager Rick, farrowing department head Hannah Holm, assistant breeding department head Lena Powell, breeding department head, Stanley Weeks, assistant breeding department head Luis Hernandez, breeding lead Gustavo Rios, heat checking specialist Shawn Kliegl, day one specialists Cielo Solis, newborn pig specialist Mariah Lester and animal caretakers Riley Burke, Lane Carpenter, Kayla Flores, Blake Holdgrafer, SirDarius Moore, and Tyler Stolz.

“It’s all about consistency and communication,” said Hannah. “Everyone works together towards a common goal. Whether you’re in breeding or farrowing, we support each other every day.”

Congrats to Sow 1 on their big win earlier this year. Stay tuned as we roll out quarter two rankings very soon!