Congratulations to the top 10 GDU Q1 SelectPride winners!

posted on Monday, June 10, 2019

“Every GDU worked hard to reach their goals and the numbers prove it,” said Jeremiah Hall, director of gilt development. “They’ve all done an outstanding job and we’re very proud of this group.”

Congratulations to the top 10 GDU Q1 SelectPride winners!

GDU Winners

1st place G733 Saratoga—Craig Whalen 
2nd place G019 Davis 2—Raul Romeo Gonzalez
3rd place G016 Stalker 2—Chad Bolinger 
4th place G501 ISO Pork—Chris Bessman, Monica Dodge 
5th place G500 Mott—Chris Richtsmeier
6th place G018 Davis 1—Denny Stark 
7th place G948 Hunt—Jamie Chaplin 
8th place G688 Stamps—Matt Swank
9th place G110 Glenview—Jesse Cole 
10th place G544 Brooks—Virgil Bolinger

For SelectPride, GDUs are ranked by the sum of their production well-being assessment scores, biosecurity assessment scores, 28-day PCP (pregnancy check positive) rate minus their bred and open gilt mortality percent.

“This past quarter we had farms overcome some serious challenges, take on new roles and responsibilities, show strong initiative and adhere to strict biosecurity protocols," continued Jeremiah. "It’s safe to say we are impressed by all of these teams and their accomplishments.”