Congratulations to the top 10 Sow Farm SelectPride Q1 winners!

posted on Friday, June 14, 2019

If there’s anything these farms do a great job of it’s paying close attention to the details,” said Dan Dean, director of sow production. “The same goes for SelectPride. We have noticed our barns as healthy and more stable, which means when we ranked the farms everything mattered. Whether it was half percent for farrowing rates, 1/10 of a pig born a live, 1/10 of a pig in pigs weaned, the little things really made a difference. It was a very close competition.”

Congratulations to the top 10 Sow Farm SelectPride Q1 winners!

sow farm winners

1st Place—Cadillac Sow 1, Rick Chamberlin
2nd Place—Rout Sow 2, Bert Weide
3rd Place— Last Chance Sow 32, Doug Bates
4th Place—Jamestown Sow 33, Kaci Pohlman
5th Place—Popcorn Sow 30, Rhonda Root
6th Place—Thorsen Sow 24, Caleb Lidtke
7th Place—Elmand Sow 35, Dustin Peck
8th Place—Fonken Sow 26, John Hoffmann
9th Place—Sow 9, Andres Robles Garcia
10th Place—Kielsmeier Sow 12, Eric Risley

This is Sow 1’s third consecutive quarter in the number one spot. “Bert and the team at Sow 2 really battled it out and no one, myself included, knew who was going to come out on top,” recalled Dan. “Rick’s team ended up getting the edge, but that doesn’t mean everyone in this group didn’t work their tails off.”

Quarter one came with a unique set of challenges, as most quarters do.

“Eric and the team at Sow 12 dealt with a Myco break about halfway through,” explained Dan. “But they persevered and reached a spot in the top 10. That’s the kind of tenacity and dedication we see from these farms.”

Whether it was overcoming health issues, operating under new management or simply maintaining the consistency required of a farm to earn a spot in the top 10, each farm was presented with a set of unique challenges to overcome.

“These guys and gals have really earned it,” said Dan. “I know I say that every quarter, but this was truly an exceptional group. I’m really proud of all they’ve accomplished for our system.”