Cougar's Den Receives a Suprise Little Farmer Toy Box

posted on Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Coyugar's Den

“Cougar’s Den Day Care is an extension of the home for our kids and other kids in the community,” said Skyler, an Iowa Select Farms employee and patron of Cougar’s Den Day Care. “They give the kids everything they need. Our daughter truly loves going to Cougar’s Den, which means the world as a parent because you know your kids are not just in a healthy and safe environment, but also a very happy one.”

Cougar’s Den received a special surprise after being nominated for the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation’s newest Henry’s Heroes initiative–the Little Farmer Toy Box project.

As the 20-year director of Cougar’s Den, Amy said she appreciates the support from the Foundation. Also, she enjoyed having the team visit the facility to deliver the toy box.

“We just couldn’t say thank you enough for the very nice toy boxes filled with all of the wonderful, educational and inspiring toys," said Amy. "Our kids absolutely loved all of them. I spent time delivering new toys to different rooms and saw room after room of joy on kids’ faces as I walked in. It’s not just the donation but coming and delivering it in person. That’s just an extra step that shows the care Iowa Select has for their community.”

Amy was so welcoming and shared her passion for kids, education and the importance of giving back to the rural community she calls home.Cougas Den

“We love being able to share the stories of our employees, but these Little Farmer Toy Box donations allow us to go a step further and share the stories of just how important our rural day care and day care providers are to our employees,” said Ali Kraber, a representative of the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation. “Not only do they play a pivotal role in kids’ formative years, but they also provide a fun environment for our kids to be in during sometimes long farming hours.”

That day-to-day stability day cares like The Cougars Den provides make a difference for kids and give parents peace of mind.

“The children in our community really love the staff at the Cougar’s Den Day Care,” said Don Stahl, an Iowa Select Farms employee who also nominated Cougar’s Den for the project. “My grandchildren and future grandchildren will go there. We appreciate the stability they provide to our small, family-oriented community. We know just how meaningful a gift like this will be for them and really appreciate Iowa Select Farms for making our day cares a priority.”
Today marked the second day of a two-month, multi-county tour to deliver the Little Farmer Toy Box to 100 daycares and providers across Iowa, including Cougar’s Den Day Care and Preschool. Each colorful toy box is filled with farming-inspired books, toys and learning materials uniquely curated for 1-to-4-year-old children.

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