Cresco Host Veterans Day Pork Loin Giveaway

posted on Monday, November 16, 2020

Cresco Crew

Our fourth and final Veterans Day 2020 Pork Loin Giveaway was held in Cresco. It was such an honor to thank Howard County veterans for their service with a five-pound pork loin roast.

The veterans that came through the line proudly wore their hats commemorating their service and were excited to receive their free roast. And we’ll be honest, there may have been a few tears of appreciation, happiness and respect amongst your employee volunteers. But, the one thing there was more of were smiles.

“This giveaway was such a cool and unique event to be apart of,” said Iowa Select Farms employee and sow farm manager, Aaron. “It’s not everyday that you get to look this many veterans in the eye and thank them for their service, so tonight was really special.”

Pork loin giveaways for veterans were also held in Hardin, Union and Wright counties.

We hope the pork loins donated will provide veterans an opportunity to gather around the table with their families and share a delicious meal – maybe even a celebration for those they love and who love them. As farmers, we’re proud of the product we produce, and are proud to share it with these brave men and women who have sacrificed so much for our country.