Davis 2 Captures SelectPride Best Gilt Developer for 2021

posted on Friday, September 9, 2022

Deana from Davis 2
“The great thing about Deana and the Davis 2 team is that they work like a family,” said Raul Romero, gilt developer supervisor. “You can tell how much they care about each other by how the farm runs—so naturally.”

The Davis 2 team of Deana, Les, Casey and Sam agrees that what they have is special. It’s one of the reasons the farm earned the SelectPride title of best gilt developer this past year, placing first out of 23 gilt developers.

“Deana, at her core, always believes in doing the right thing when it comes to her farm, the animals and her team,” said Randy Hosfield, gilt developer supervisor. “I’ve watched how well she picked up on the responsibilities of being a farm manager and how driven she is to succeed.

And, Randy says, she’s always a happy person. “We truly believe that together, everyone achieves more (TEAM) which is why we look out for one another,” said Deanna. “We talk about teamwork, positivity and overall sticking together to tough out the setbacks we’re often faced with.”

Raul says that every day the whole crew works towards a common goal—excellent pig care. It’s easy to see Deana’s energy and enthusiasm in her speaking and the motivational cards posted around the breakroom.

“We love pigs!” or “Positivity Promotes Production!” Deana will exclaim. “Tough Times Won’t Last, but Tough Teams Will” is written on a card for all to see.

Her passion is contagious across the team and expresses itself in how they care for the animals. We look at every pig on our farm every day,” says Deana. “We look at the front of the pig, and then we look at the back of the pig. If they need they need treatment, we do it right away. That shows we care for the animals and one another because it makes the farm successful.”

Congrats to the team at Davis 2 for all of your achievements!