Davis1 Earns 2020 Most Improved GDU

posted on Friday, July 9, 2021

“I am one of the luckiest managers to work with this crew,” said Travis, manager of a gilt developer unit (GDU) near Afton. “Their dedication, work ethic and knowledge about pig care makes this job enjoyable every day.”

Congratulations to Chad, Kyle, Jake and Travis of Davis #1 on being the Most Improved GDU for 2020 Overall SelectPride Awards!

“We are a group of employees that are dedicated to making our farm better every day,” said Chad, the breeding department head at Davis #1. Working at this farm for four years, he is excited about the future, “We want to keep the momentum going.”

That dedication paid off in the year 2020. A newly formed group, Travis and his team have found their groove with each other at their farm and are putting themselves back on the map. Sticking together as a team and keeping good communication are top priorities for them. 

“This is a really great group of people,” said Kyle. “We keep good attitudes and it creates a positive environment to work in.”

Since taking on the manager role at the beginning of 2020, Travis notices more how their success is a team effort. “There is so much experience on this farm working with animals that it allows us to know better what to look for in our pigs. Paying close attention to detail, across farms and production, plays a large role.”

Travis is referring to the gilts that they receive from a different farm. These female pigs are grown in a multiplication barn and hand selected for their new home, a GDU, where they continue to grow and be bred before heading to a sow farm. “Their selection was fantastic, it makes our job easier.”

The biggest area of improvement that they saw in 2020 was in their conception rate. After our gilts (a female pig that has not produced a litter) are bred through artificial insemination, our caretakers use ultrasound machines and record the “pregnancy confirmed positive” (PCP) rates. At Davis #1, their PCP numbers jumped to the low 90s in percent of success, continually moving them up in rankings. 

“The Davis #1 team is incredibly resilient and committed,” said supervisor Jeremiah. “This farm started the year with a health challenge and they faced it head on. They were dedicated to making changes for the better.”

“We stay until the job for the day is completely done to a high satisfaction,” said Travis. “That is how we are going to continue towards being a better farm.”

Congratulations once again to the team at Davis #1. We can’t wait to see what 2021 has in store for you!Davis1