Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation Makes a Difference in Osage

posted on Tuesday, March 8, 2022

“I choose to have my son in Cassie’s care for so many reasons, but mostly because her love and care for my son is so evident,” said Tyler, an Iowa Select Farms employee. “Cassie is a small private day care that has helped work through my long work hours, issues with COVID-19 and all the other things that tend to come up with kids. I know my son loves her. To have that security of knowing my son is happy and safe is incredibly comforting. I couldn't do my job or have my career without her."

It's more than just what she does, but who she is. Cassie works with families and never turns anyone for any reason, financial or otherwise.

“She keeps prices affordable and works with families who need additional help,” said Tyler. “She is just an incredibly kind human, and our community is so lucky to have her.”

Cassie loves to work with her day care kiddos and constantly makes an effort to create fun activities and cool crafts. She was eager to dig into all the things the Little Farmer Toy Box offered.

“My day care is in rural Iowa, so I know what it means to live in rural Iowa, and I love to be that helping hand to so many farmers and folks who work in agriculture,” said Cassie. “It’s just wanted we do in these rural communities, we help out.”

As we unpacked toys, Cassie shared how excited she was for the new toys.

“I am eager to dive into the Little Farmer Toy Box and share all the goodies with the kiddos,” said Katie. “I just really appreciate Tyler, Iowa Select Farms and the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation for giving me such an amazing donation. I look forward to a lot of laughs, memories and learning to come.”

group of kids poses with toybox

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