Diane's Day Care in Emmetsburg Receives Little Farmers Toy Box

posted on Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Diane with her toy box.“Since I can remember, I have done day care,” said Diane, a day care provider Emmetsburg. “My community needed some help since there was not a big day care center in the community, so I decided I would open my home and help parents navigate being working parents. I can say it was not only the right decision but the best decision.”

Amanda, a part owner of Frederick Trucking, a trucking company that hauls for Iowa Select Farms, wrapped up her day as soon as she could do stop by and help deliver a Little Farmer Toy Box to a day care that means so much to her and her family. Without Diane, they wouldn’t have been able to provide the essential service of truck driving.

“As truck drivers, we were deemed essential workers during the pandemic and thankfully Diane kept her doors open without skipping a beat so we could continue working,” said Amanda. “Our lives are unpredictable, that’s trucking so to have someone like Diane to depend on is truly live-saving. We would honestly be lost without her."

We are reminded constantly of just how essential our day care providers, truckers, farmers and all others who work in agriculture were during the pandemic. Our day care providers keep our communities alive, but in critical times like the recent pandemic, they also play an essential role in keeping our rural communities going.