Dianna's Day Care Receives Special Delivery

posted on Tuesday, February 22, 2022

We delivered a Little Farmer Toy Box to Dianna, a day care provider in Iowa Falls, this past week. She has been doing in-home day care for many years and loves to see the little ones grow up from tiny babies to school age when they usually move on from day care. As we opened toys, she shared her why for doing day care in her home, and her love for watching kids grow up.

“I love being a part of their lives and seeing them become wonderful humans before my eyes,” said Dianna. “It is one of the most rewarding feelings in the world.”

Ashley nominated Dianna to receive a Little Farmer Toy Box and spent the morning helping us deliver and open the toys with the kids. We discussed just how vital day care is to her, her family as well as rural Iowa.

“Day cares are the brick and mortar of rural Iowa,” said Ashley Silvey, an employee of Iowa Select Farms. “We don’t farm, work or have the quality of life without people like Dianna in our rural communities. We could never say thank you enough for opening up her home and her wonderful presence in my kids’ lives.”Dianna3

“We loved giving back to a day care provider like Dianna,” said Ali Kraber, a representative of the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation. “From the smallest in-home day cares that operate in tiny farm towns to the larger day cares that serve several of our employees, each one of them is mission-critical and makes a substantial impact on the quality of life for our employees.

Dianna left