Doing Good with Tama County 4-H

posted on Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Tama County Council 4-H members are doing good in their community with the help of the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation’s Ignite the Spirit program.

These 4-H youth in grades 7-9 come from all areas of Tama County and put together a community service project to give back to the families in their communities this holiday season. The 4-H members worked together to plan the meal, go to the grocery store to buy the side ingredients and deliver the meals to three schools in the county. The meal packages included canned fruits and vegetables, muffin mix, mac and cheese, scalloped potatoes, juice and a box of cereal (because they thought everyone likes cereal). They also completed activities to learn about food insecurity and as a result added a calendar with healthy recipes to the meal packages.

“We were very excited about the opportunity to share this experience with our younger 4-H members and to have them learn about food insecurity, how to grocery shop and the gift of giving,” said Tama County Youth Coordinator, Jenny Hulme. “We really appreciate this gift to our young people and our communities!”

We met these service minded 4-Her’s when they picked up their pork loins and kits for the meals at the Iowa Falls Operation Christmas Meal stop.

This 4-H group is a participant in Operation Christmas Meal’s Ignite the Spirit program, aimed at supporting students who wish to help fight hunger, locally. 

Ignite the Spirit is a program of the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation and Iowa Select Farms and offers student FFA and 4-H organizations two cases of pork loins, a $250 check and kits so they can develop local partnerships and seek ways to help families in need. #IgniteTheSpirit

group photo