Dows Food Pantry

posted on Tuesday, August 1, 2017

"It's the children who suffer most and unfortunately they can't control their situation," explained Lisa Stuck, who has been volunteering at the Dows Food Pantry for 18 years. "That's why we do what we do. We want to help these young kids and their families as much as possible. No one should have to go hungry, especially not children."

Together with the help of the United Methodist Church, Lutheran Church and local grocery store, the Dows Food Pantry supports 35 families, all of whom have a Dows zip codes. "Our focus is on keeping it as local as possible," continued Lisa. "For being such a small town there is a lot of poverty. In fact, the school is also taking action and proving free lunch for area children Monday-Friday at the pool. Now that kids are on summer break the need for fresh, quality meals is greater than ever."

In addition to housing meat and nonperishable items at the Dows Food Pantry, which is located in the Methodist Church, the local grocery store also keeps some pork loins on hand for specific situations when a family might be struggling or going through an emergency. "The town really comes together when an individual or family is in need," explained Lisa. "I suppose that's the beauty of living in a place like this. Everyone genuinely wants to help each other out." #HaulOutHunger #BillionPlus