Duane Groeneveld Celebrates 15 Years of Service

posted on Monday, August 21, 2023

Duane“Every mile has been worth it,” says Duane Groeneveld, Environmental Maintenance Technician and Transportation Specialist for Iowa Select Farms for the past 15 years.

Duane spends his days navigating highways and dirt roads, ensuring goods and materials get from points “A” to “B” safely and on time. “My favorite item to transport is pork loins for Operation Christmas Meal,” says Duane, “seeing the look on people’s faces during the holidays gives me pure joy.” Operation Christmas Meal is a program through the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation with a mission to fight food insecurity in Iowa, especially during the holidays. In 2022, Operation Christmas Meal hosted 13 events across the state, impacting 20,000 families with 400,000 servings of pork loins.

Beyond the wheel, Duane is a family man with a loving wife, three kids and two grandkids. He is also a proud member of the grill team at the World Pork Expo and enjoys fishing in his free time. Thank you, Duane, for spending 15 years with Iowa Select Farms.