Haul Out Hunger— Dumont-Aredale Food Pantry

posted on Monday, July 1, 2019

"We serve about 25-30 families a month these six cases of loins you're leaving with us are really going to mean a lot to them," said Brenda Baldwin of the Dumont-Aredale Food Pantry. "We aren't a fancy operation, but we get the job done and support as many families as possible."

Located in the basement of the United Methodist Church, the food pantry regularly relies on dedicated volunteers like Brenda. The pantry serves 25-30 families a month. 

To support their hunger-relief efforts, Haul Out Hunger unloaded five cases of pork loins on our visit. Those loins will yield approximately 1,080 protein-packed servings of pork. We also delivered a Henry's Heroes care package containing helpful items for new and growing families like diapers, wipes, formula, bottles and medication.


Did you know that according to the Iowa Food Bank 64% of Iowans that use local food pantries are often faced with making the difficult decision of choosing between food or medical care? As we Haul Out Hunger in the state of Iowa our goal is that Iowans won't have to make that difficult decision ever again.