Dusty Barber Celebrates 15 Years of Service

posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2023

DustyAs you pull into the truck wash, expect to be greeted by the familiar and smiling face of Dusty Barber, Biosecurity Inspector for Iowa Select Farms. Dusty is a seasoned professional in farm operations—having had years of experience in gilt development, breeding, farrowing and the nursery. Today, Dusty says the best part of his job is catching up with truck drivers as they come and go about their days.

Dusty's primary focus is inspecting trucks and trailers to ensure they are adequately cleaned and sanitized, which is critical in mitigating the risk of swine disease transmission. "Washing trucks to the extent we do now was a fairly new practice when I started," said Dusty, "now it is essential to keeping our herd health strong." Iowa Select Farms operates three truck washes across the state, all equipped with a bio-dryer that heats up to 140 degrees, killing diseases such as PRRS and MYCO dead in its tracks. Dusty is essential in ensuring our biosecurity practices contribute to our top-notch animal care.

Dusty and his wife, Carrey, have three kids and five grandchildren. They have a full house filled with five dogs, 16 cats, 30 chickens, and last but certainly not least, their pet turkey named Pretty Boy. Outside of his family and animals, Dusty enjoys spending his free time trapping, fishing and hunting. Thanks for all you do, Dusty. Congrats on 15 years and counting with Iowa Select Farms!