East Union Schools Power Snack Delivery

posted on Wednesday, November 22, 2017

“With more than 50% of our student population on free and reduced lunch we knew that we needed to do something to help these students out,” said Shannon McMillen, Nutrition Service Manager for the East Union Community School District in Afton. “That large number is why we’re able to offer not just free lunch, but also breakfast, for students in the summer time. This is a very important time for the growth and development of these kiddos and proper nutrition is more important than ever.”

Like many other schools throughout the state, the East Union Community School District is constantly looking for ways to better support their student population. In fact, since more than 50% of the school’s population qualifies for the free and reduced meal program, the school is reimbursed for the extra meals they provide in the summertime. “The number of students on free and reduced lunch continues to increase,” explained McMillen. “We can’t just sit idle. We have to be proactive to make sure we’re doing everything we can to make sure no student goes hungry.”

To aid the efforts in Afton, Iowa Select Farms and the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation stopped by the school with nearly 1,000 Power Snack coupon booklets in hand. “These booklets that we’ve brought today are intended to be distributed before extended breaks, like Thanksgiving,” explained Logan Sweers, an Outreach Specialist with Iowa Select Farms. “Inside each booklet there are coupons that can be used at local grocery stores. The five-dollar coupon will get students a pound of shaved ham and the three-dollar coupon will purchase them a loaf of whole wheat bread. The perfect ingredients to make a delicious, nutritious Power Snack.”

Now in its fifth year, the Power Snack Program empowers children to make their own ham Power Snacks when they’re not at school. Coupon booklets are given directly to school principals, teachers, counselors and nutrition service managers who then help distribute them to students in need. Schools are given enough supplies to distribute the helpful coupons four times per school year.

“These coupons are going to be a blessing for many students in our district,” said McMillen. “It’s great that they are so easy for them to use. They’re branded well, they’re easy to understand and most importantly, they can be used at any local retailer. I can’t wait to get these in our students’ hands.”

247 students in the East Union Community School District will receive four Power Snack coupon booklets in the 2017-2018 school year – a $7,904 investment in the fight against food insecurity.