Haul Out Hunger— Eldora Food Pantries

posted on Wednesday, July 3, 2019

"This donation is a meal that our families might not otherwise get," said Rocky Reents, Administrator at Hardin Co. Public Health and Greenbelt Home Care. "Fresh, quality meat is hard to come by at food pantries and it's unfortunately something that our clients can't afford, at least not on a regular basis. This donation means the world."


Located on the outskirts of Eldora, Hardin Co. Public Health and Greenbelt Home Care serve more than 150 clients, including children, adults and the elderly. "Hardin Co. Public Health provides health education, resources and services to residents of every town in Hardin County," explained Julie. "Greenbelt Home Care is also us, but is a nonprofit that allows individuals to remain in their homes while receiving professional healthcare at affordable costs."


With so many employees and contractors working and living in or near Eldora, our Haul Out Hunger team was more than happy to unload 15 cases of loins, or 930 pounds of pork, for local community members in need.

"A lot of the people that we serve aren't able to go out and get the meat themselves. So for us to be able to provide them with such a nutritious food option that they wouldn't otherwise have access to is amazing."