Employee Spotlight: Lance Lawrence

posted on Saturday, July 7, 2018

Lance Lawrence’s advice to his past self is something all of us should remember. “If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right. A positive attitude and outlook go a long way.”

And Lance has certainly lived by that advice. Soon after taking on the role of farm manager at Stockdale Sow Farm (Sow 11), he and the team fought their way up the SelectPride list after struggling for years with PRRS. Just one of the many challenges he took on during his 24 years at Iowa Select Farms.

“In hard times and good times, farm teams stick together,” said Lance. “We all worked hard to get the farm turned around, and when we started climbing it was my proudest moment.” Stockdale Sow Farm hit the Select Pride top 10 ranking five times in the past two years.

Lance started with Iowa Select Farms as an intern, right in the heart of the start-up phase. Lance had been studying swine management at Kirkwood Community College when he plunged into his first experience in sow production. Lance, like many, speaks fondly of the “Silver Bullet” office/breakroom and shower combo at Rout Sow Farm (Sow 2), a temporary fix while the farm was finishing construction of the permanent employee areas.

“It was such a great day when the office and showers were finally finished,” said Lawrence. “After experiencing the temporary set up for what felt like an eternity, showering in and out, having lunch in the break room and having functioning tables are some of my fondest memories to this day.”

As one of our longest employees, Lance has seen a lot of change and growth. “With each new farm added and each new team, there is one thing that hasn’t change—the care and support Iowa Select Farms employees show for one another.”

“That piece of our culture really shined when my brother died in 2004,” Lance says. “The number of employees that attended my brother’s visitation after his untimely death will always hold a place in my heart. Some fellow employee even shoveled snow off my sister in-law’s driveway that winter. Everyone is always willing to lend a helping hand.”