Employees Who Go Above and Beyond

posted on Friday, December 3, 2021

Going the extra mile. Giving 110%. Exceeding expectations. There are many different ways to say it, but we all know what it looks like when someone goes above and beyond. It matters and makes a big difference, especially in the workplace.

That’s why the next installment of stories about our awesome employees is all about recognizing those who go above and beyond in what they do. These employees don’t settle for just good enough. They consistently strive to do more than what is required and their co-workers notice. In fact, over 40 nominations were about those who go above and beyond.

For example, when describing Daniel, the breeding lead at Stumme sow farm, one of his co-workers said, “He always goes above and beyond and completes tasks outside of expectations. One time, Daniel volunteered to stay late and help out with performing day one tasks. This was not asked of him; he simply wanted to stay and care for more pigs.”

Luis, the breeding department head at Wright sow farm, was also given a shout out for his willingness to do more than what’s expected.

“He's always willing to go above and beyond in his job, and to help everyone who needs it,” said one of his co-workers.

It’s easy to spot those who go above and beyond because they take pride in what they do. They genuinely care about their work and want to make it the best it can be. Not many people exemplify these qualities more than Ron an animal caretaker at Erickson sow farm.

"Ron always seeks out and finds the extra stuff to do or fix, things that most people would just turn their heads to and ignore,” said one of his co-workers. “He's not afraid of the extra work it makes for him and really takes ownership in it.”

Kim, an animal caretaker at Colfax GDU is another great example of someone who goes above and beyond, taking responsibility for the work she does.

“She goes above and beyond any employee I have seen walk through Colfax in my almost three years of working here,” said one of her co-workers, "Kim will come in early or stay way later than anyone else on the farm to make sure everything is done correctly, never taking a short cut. She sincerely cares for all 1000-2000 pigs that she is responsible for on her side, and I bet no supervisor has seen a barn as clean and organized as Kim keeps hers.”

going above and beyond

We’ve always known our employees are the best of the best, but this quote about Dazsha, an animal caretaker at Holstein sow farm, really captures their willingness to exceed all expectations in a nutshell.

"She always goes the extra mile for the whole team and will do anything extra that needs done! Dazsha will work harder so others don’t have to," said one of her co-workers.

Thank you to each and every one of our employees that go above and beyond to make your work effective and meaningful. This commitment to going the extra mile makes a big difference and is another reason why our company and employees are so awesome.