Farm to Fair Meal 2019

posted on Monday, August 19, 2019

The Farm to Fair Meal helps connect farmers like us and consumers to promote conversations about agriculture or specifically in our case, pig farming. Dairy, corn, beef, soybeans, egg and turkey farmers were also represented at the table.



“The group at my table had so many great questions not just about the pork industry, but all of Iowa agriculture in general,” said Iowa Select Farms’ warehouse supervisor, Julie Mulford. “These were people that had never been on a farm and were so in awe of the work that farmers do. The event made me feel more prideful of the Ag industry by explaining all that we do.”

During the second annual Farm to Fair meal, farmers and fairgoers had the unique experience of enjoying not just great conversation, but also Iowa grown food under the lights of the Pioneer Livestock Pavilion on the Iowa State Fairgrounds. Everyone enjoyed a delicious meal catered by the Iowa Machine Shed.


“Living and working in rural Iowa, everyone seems to know about agriculture, but that is definitely not the norm these days,” said finishing supervisor, Chawn McGrath. “It was fun to interact with people that had never stepped foot on a farm and share with them how we raise and care for our pigs on a daily basis.”

Thanks to everyone who pulled up a seat at our table. We had such a great time!