Fifth Generation Farmers Join Iowa Select Family

posted on Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Jordan, his wife, Stacia and their children, Lilie and Staden live on a Century Farm in Marshall County near the town of Melbourne, Iowa. Jordan and Stacia are fifth generation farmers and recently celebrated the opening of Hog Heaven.Vansice Family Jordan and his parents used to raise pigs. His mom, Jodi, ran a farrowing house and nursery. His Stacia, Lilie, Jordan and Staden VanciseHis lender had information on the different options—contract production, crop fertility programs and opportunities in pig care. Then, the Vansices started doing their research, even making pro and con lists and working the napkin math.

“There is a lot of opportunity here, but we wanted to find the right one,” said Jordan. “We spent a lot of time reviewing our options with the different production companies.”

“Iowa Select Farms kept rising to the top of the list,” said Jordan. “They are Iowa-based. They help our communities, and they do a lot for Iowa farmers—these things were really important to us. We appreciated their Foundation programs and the effort they put into every aspect of the business. We made our decision.”

In March, they sold a small piece of their farm ground for the barn and will begin receiving manure for their cropground next fall. Jordan and his family will also chore the 4,800 head barn every day, and in return receive a steady income. Their new barn received weaned pigs earlier in December.

“My mom’s excited,” said Jordan. “Pigs are her favorite animal, and my wife and daughter are both animal lovers, too.” Staden, his nine-year old, is ready to follow in his father’s footsteps. “He’s starting 4-H and FFA, and wants to help with the chores when he’s old enough,” said Jordan.

“I’m thankful for this opportunity,” said Jordan. “I’m grateful to my grandpa and grandma and mom and dad for giving me the chance to carry this farm on. I’ll never be able to tell them enough how grateful I am.”

Jordan is also grateful to his neighbors, especially the closest neighbor who signed a waiver to allow the barn to be built where it was. “It means a lot to me to have their support.” #HomegrownIowa

Hog Heaven Open House