Finishing Up Day 5 of Toy Box Deliveries in Lime Springs

posted on Tuesday, March 8, 2022

“We are lucky to have a day care like Spring Ahead Learning Center in our community,” said Liliana, an Iowa Select Farms employee. “Many Iowa, Select Farms families utilize this day care because of their flexibility and care for all the kids. They open early to accommodate our farm schedules, they stay late to help when needed, and they are always so understanding about all of it. We couldn’t work on farms without them, which means we could not contribute to the world the way we do. Day cares are truly essential when it comes to feeding the world.”

One of the final stops on the fifth day of deliveries was a wonderful little day care in Lime Springs. From classroom to classroom, you could tell the immense amount of care and time they put into creating fun and educational environments for all the kids.

“We know learning from the earliest ages is so important, so we make that a part of every child’s day that is within our care,” said Sandy, Director of Spring Ahead Learning Center. “Many families in our community work on a farm, live on a farm, or have family who farms, so to be able to incorporate the learning of farming with the Little Farmer Toy Box is something we are so excited to do. We really appreciate Iowa Select Farms, Henry’s Heroes and the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation for what they have given us. It really means so much.”

“As we have walked into everyday care, a common theme we hear is just how understanding the day care providers are of farming schedules,” said Ali Kraber, a representative for the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation. “Farming is not 9-5, so to be able to rely on day care providers to be there when it is needed is so vital to our way of life. We are grateful for the immense care of our providers in our rural communities as well as the dedication of their lives to do that work.”

group poses by toy box

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