First Place Finishing Team has Big Goals

posted on Friday, September 3, 2021

“We started off on the right foot and it feels amazing to see the efforts paying off,” said Mark, a finishing supervisor for Iowa Select Farms. “I have hopes for my team that we keep the momentum going through the whole year.”

Congratulations to Mark and his team of growers for kicking off 2021 the right way and getting first place in finishing for SelectPride Q1.

Mark poses by his truck

Working at Iowa Select Farms for over 10 years and having little changes in his team of managers since then, Mark is confident in their abilities.

“My managers are dependable, and they are great caretakers,” he said. After finishing the last quarter of 2020 also in the number one spot, Mark challenged his team to continue to get better.
When Mark was asked how he continues to have success each quarter, he shared with us the four areas he feels he makes an impact as a supervisor that keep his team moving in the right direction.

Mark says the most important part of his job is—growing and caring for healthy pigs. He has focused time and energy into providing excellent care while continually improving the health of his farms. Mark knows that the smallest change in health status can have a major impact on a farm.
His next point gave insight into the importance of marketing pigs well. He and his team spend good amounts of time evaluating and sorting pigs to ensure the best overall outcome for that farm.

Mark believes that the best outcomes first begin by forming great relationships. He visits face-to-face with his 13 managers at least five times each quarter. And in between they share hundreds of calls, texts and emails. Mark knows communication and strong relationships are what make his entire team successful.

Lastly, Mark knows his team has a strong bond and that they are true champions of the four pillars of Iowa Select Farms—people care, animal care, environment care and community care. He knows through their beliefs and dedication to always doing right in these four areas it continues to make themselves and the company stronger.

“Mark and his team continue to get stronger each quarter,” said Tom, a senior finishing supervisor. “He brings many years of industry knowledge and passes that along to his growers. They are learning from one of the best.”

After starting off the year on a positive note, Mark has a goal set with his team. “We want to win each quarter of 2021 and we’re going to work hard to do it!”

You heard it here first, Mark and his team have big goals for themselves.

Congratulations to Mark and his team of managers for their continued efforts to Iowa Select Farms.