First School Visits for the Power Snack Program

posted on Thursday, November 9, 2017

“Sometimes all these kids need is just a little love,” said Julie Knoot, the school nurse at North Mahaska Community Schools. “Everyone needs protein; it really helps them grow, and these snacks are going to be really helpful for our local children and families in need.”

Today marks the first day of Power Snack deliveries throughout local Iowa communities where our employees work and live. With hunger relief being one of the main initiatives of the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation, the Power Snack program provides the food ingredients for kids to make their own “Power Snacks” — nutritious ham sandwiches made out of deli ham and whole wheat bread.

Now in its fifth year, the Power Snack program will offer these coupons four times throughout the 2017-2018 school year to more than 18,000 children identified by their school as food insecure. That’s more than 72,000 coupons for fresh, nutritious pork and whole wheat bread for local children in need!

On our first round of delieveries today, we’re stopping through Hamilton, Webster, Hardin, Story, Mahaska, Clarke and Decatur counties. We’ll deliver more than 13,600 Power Snacks to school coordinators who will then distribute them to students and their families.