Flor Rodriguez

posted on Friday, April 24, 2020

“Flor has a very kind, welcoming personality,” said Megan Kaestner, HR Specialist. “You can tell instantly when you talk with her that she’s genuine and caring towards those around her. Whether it’s a longtime friend or new acquaintance, she shows kindness to everyone around her.”Flor

As the newest addition to the TN Leadership Council, Flor Rodriguez is excited to serve as a voice for all TN employees in northeast Iowa.

“Since its inception, I thought the Council was a great idea because it serves as a voice for all TNs living in different regions of the state,” she said. “I also see it as an opportunity to give back to the company what they have given me. An opportunity to help others develop their potential, support our employees and keep things pleasant, fair and efficient.”

As a member of the TN Leadership Council, Flor will participate in quarterly meetings with human resources and members of senior production leadership. TN leaders meet prior to the meetings to set the agenda, which is a culmination of thoughts and ideas they’ve heard or shared with their peers. Recent accomplishments of the Council include holiday celebrations, sports leagues and improved downtime recommendations after international trips.

“There are a lot of things that make me proud of the Council and all of our TN employees,” continued Megan. “But I think the one thing that stands out most is the way they support one another. They always seem to go above and beyond to be a voice for their peers.”

Outside of her work on the Council, Flor works as an animal caretaker and day one lead at Thorsen Sow 24 near Riceville, Iowa. Although she didn’t specifically work with pigs in Mexico, she’s always had a passion for animals and pursuring a degree in animal science was an easy and obvious choice. After graduating college, Flor had the opportunity to work at a zoo, vet clinic and animal hospital. When she was seeking a new challenge, she applied for Iowa Select Farms’ international recruitment program.

“I’m a determined person, always looking for ways to further develop and better myself,” she said. “If I see something as an opportunity to learn something new, I’m going to pursue it.”

Since joining the Iowa Select Farms team, she’s learned about animal care, breeding, biosecurity, health, nutrition, general farm maintenance, upkeep and much more. Arguably most importantly, she’s had the opportunity to grow her knowledge and leadership alongside a great team.

“Flor has been a valuable asset in our success as a farm,” said Sow 24 Farm Manager, Caleb Lidtke. “Not only is she always in a good mood and willing to help out wherever needed, but she really enjoys working with pigs and it shows. Now that she knows the ropes, she is taking the time to train other employees. We’re very lucky to have her.”


Flor is excited to continue serving her farm, community and all TN employees as a leader this year.

“To be a leader, you need to serve as an example to those around you. People are always going to learn more from what you do than what you say,” she said. “I also think leaders need to be confident, while at the same time knowing when to accept and learn from their mistakes. They’re empathetic, strong communicators, honest, positive and work right alongside their team, never putting themselves above any task.”