Foundation Fills Freezers Filled in Eldora

posted on Friday, August 14, 2020

The storm this week left many without power, including the communities of Eldora, Gifford, New Providence and Steamboat Rock. Luckily for many, it was just a 24-hour period, but that was still long enough for many to lose meat and frozen goods.

We made two stops in Eldora today at organizations that support the entire county—Greenbelt Home Care-Hardin County Public Health and the Pine Lake Food Shelf.


"A lot of the people that we serve aren't able to go out and get the meat themselves,” said Administrator Rocky Reents. “So, for us to be able to provide them with such a nutritious food option that they wouldn't otherwise have access to is amazing.”

For Ione Ziesman, who’s been volunteering at the Food Shelf for 27 years, has also always been about helping those in-need.

pine lake

“We are seeing a lot of new faces at the pantry these days, and every time people are just so appreciative of what they get,” said Ione, who works with 30-50 families a month. “One of the positive things to happen in the last couple of months is to see the community come together to help their neighbors out. Our shelves, and now freezers, are full. It’s the hard times that show you how strong a community really is.”

With so many employees and contractors working and living in or near Eldora, our Haul Out Hunger team was more than happy to unload 14 cases of loins, or 980 pounds of pork, for local community members in need.