From Scholarship Recipient to Employee

posted on Friday, April 29, 2022

“I think what makes Iowa Select Farms great is the way they promote agriculture and help give back to their employees,” said Sarah Hockemeyer, one of 24 Future Ag Leader Scholarship recipients in 2021. “It is easy to see that Iowa Select Farms takes great pride in their company. The overall care they provide for their employees is awesome.”

Sarah is the daughter of Bradley and Kathryn Hockemeyer of Holland, Iowa where Brad is a contract grower for Iowa Select Farms. With the help of the Future Ag Leader Scholarship, Sarah was able to attend Hawkeye Community College to study agricultural business and then transfer to Iowa State University where she majored in agriculture studies with a minor in agronomy. She has known agriculture was in her future from a young age.

“Growing up on a farm helped me decide my career path. Ever since I was young, I have loved agriculture. My interest has always revolved around livestock and row crops. I can't see myself doing anything else with my future,” explained Sarah.

Iowa Select Farms has played a big role in shaping that future.

“I watched Iowa Select Farms impact the community I grew up in by providing jobs, food, manure for the crops and by giving back to the community various times throughout the year,” said Sarah. “They are important to me and my family.”

Not only did Iowa Select Farms shape Sarah’s future plans, but after her time at Iowa State, Sarah decided to bring things full circle and seek a position within the company. She currently lives in Ackley and works for Iowa Select Farms as a nutrient service manager while also remaining involved on her family farm.

sarah poses by pork loins