Future Ag Leader Scholarship Program Makes a Difference for Cassidy

posted on Friday, April 29, 2022

“Because of the scholarship program at Iowa Select Farms, I didn’t have to worry or stress about how I was going to make it through college,” said Cassidy Becker, a three-year recipient of a Future Ag Leader Scholarship. “There was a weight lifted off my shoulders because I knew I had someone in my corner that wanted to help me along the way. Today, I am an elementary education teacher with a bachelor’s degree and have zero loans to pay back because of Iowa Select Farms.”

Cassidy is the daughter of Joe and Susan Becker of Diagonal. Joe has worked for Iowa Select Farms for 14 years and is currently the manager of Parker Sow Farm. Cassidy was young when her dad began working with Iowa Select Farms but has many fond memories of the fun family experiences that were made possible by the generosity of the company.

“Through Iowa Select, my family was able to go to Adventureland, the Iowa State Fair, a few concerts and Iowa State football and basketball games. This was a big deal because growing up on a farm, especially one full of show cattle, our vacations looked a little different from the norm,” explained Cassidy. “Iowa Select provided those opportunities that made it possible for us to get away from the farm and have some fun. The way Iowa Select gives back to their employees and their families is seconded to none.”

Cassidy graduated from Diagonal High School in 2017. With the help of Iowa Select Farms’ Future Ag Leader Scholarship program, she went on to attend Southwestern Community College for two years and received her associates degree before transferring to Northwest Missouri State University where she majored in elementary education. She graduated from Northwest Missouri State in 2021 and brought everything full circle when she returned to her hometown to teach first grade. In her role as a teacher, she sees the impact Iowa Select Farms and the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation have on her community.

“Iowa Select Farms has done many things for my community. They have given away pork loins during the holidays, brought pork to the local food pantry, incorporated the school in the Power Snack program and most recently donated many toys to the daycare at Diagonal Community Schools,” said Cassidy. “This was a great opportunity for the daycare and gives the kiddos many things to look forward to. I was there when the toys were delivered, and it was so much fun watching how the kids reacted when totes toys were brought in.”

These are just a few examples of how Cassidy has experienced the many ways in which Iowa Select Farms works to support their people and their communities.

“Not only is Iowa Select Farms extremely good to the communities in Iowa, but their employees,” she said. “They take care of the people around them.”

cassidy poses for a headshot