Future Ag Leader Scholarship Winner-Adrian

posted on Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Adrian“Iowa Select Farms is that rare company that you read about but don’t truly believe exists until you have worked with them. An environment where success is celebrated, help is given without asking and the company wants everyone to succeed. It is truly team-oriented,” says Adrian, a Future Ag Leader Scholarship winner. “Iowa Select Farms has had a huge impact on me and my family’s life. Everything from helping my dad out on the farm to being in the barns, agriculture has positively shaped me into the person I am because of these experiences.”

Originally from Rembrandt, Iowa, Adrian is an Early Childhood Education major attending Iowa Lakes Community College. She aspires to transfer to a four-year college and attain her BA in Elementary Education. Her dad, Trent, is and owner/operator for Iowa Select Farms.

Adrian’s former teachers taught her to be caring, respectful, and hardworking. These attributes have been utilized her whole life while growing up around farming and she hopes to instill those traits into her future students.

Pigs require top-notch animal care 24/7. While working in the barns, Adrian has learned that it isn’t always easy, and some challenges may get in your way. The quote, “If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with rain, “by Dolly Parton resonates with Adrian. “Even after a devastating storm, everyone must come together to build the community back,” she said. This strong work ethic is what gets people through the tough times.

Adrian intends to apply her life lessons just like this in her classroom and inspire her students with these important values. We are rooting for you!