Future Ag Leaders Scholarship 2017-18 Recipient: Amelia Asmus

posted on Friday, January 19, 2018

Congratulations to Amelia Asmus on your Iowa Select Farms Future Ag Leaders Scholarship! Amelia is a 2014 graduate of the Iowa Falls-Alden School District and is currently studying nursing at Grandview University in Des Moines.

Amelia is the daughter of Dave and Linda Asmus of Alden. “I want to have a job that excites me and challenges me daily,” she says. “Nursing offer numerous career opportunities, including working in clinics, hospitals, emergency rooms and even traveling nursing. My career goal is to become an emergency room nurse.”

While not directly studying an area of agriculture, Amelia believes farming will still affect many aspects of her professional life. “As a nurse, I must address the needs of my patients in Iowa and surrounding states where agriculture is a major profession so I must understand the type of work they do in order to properly care for them,” she says. “Agriculture also helps the medical field by offering advancements in medication and other treatments.”

Dave has worked for Iowa Select Farms for 18 years and manages nursery 12, a wean-to-finish farm located near Iowa Falls.