Future Ag Leaders Scholarship 2017-18 Recipient: Kylie Chaplin

posted on Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Congratulations to Kylie Chaplin on your Iowa Select Farms Future Ag Leaders Scholarship! A 2017 graduate of Iowa Falls – Alden high school, Kylie is continuing her studies at Ellsworth Community College this fall majoring in Animal Science.

Kylie is the daughter of Shawn and Colette Chaplin of Alden and a part-time Iowa Select Farms employee at Sow 12. “Iowa Select Farms is a place where I have learned teamwork and communication skills,” Kylie says. “A sow farm does not become successful because of one person. We work together to keep the animals healthy."

“Iowa Select Farms is also a place where I have learned leadership,” Kylie says. “I started working here with no experience with hogs. I am lucky that I was able to work at Sow 12 and learn from the best teacher, my dad! He taught me everything I needed to know to take care of the sows. Now that I have worked for over a year at the farm, I have gained not only knowledge, but confidence."

“I never thought that my love of animals would turn into my career,” Kylie says. “I am excited for my future and know that I will always be happy going to work because I am doing what I love – working with animals.”

Kylie's father, Shawn, has worked for Iowa Select Farms for 21 years and is the farm manager at Sow 12 located near Hubbard, Iowa.