Future Ag Scholarship Winner - Taylor N.

posted on Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Our next Future Ag Leader Scholarship recipient is Taylor, daughter of Jason and Jolene from Popejoy, Iowa. Jolene is a Transportation Scheduling Coordinator in our Iowa Falls Truck Wash.
Taylor is currently finishing her liberal arts degree at Ellsworth Community College. In the future, she will pursue a bachelor’s degree in journalism while continuing to work in her current role as a copy editor in the Iowa Falls Times Citizen newspaper office. Her dream is to become an award-winning journalist.

“I am determined to get my bachelor’s degree in journalism and spread news to the Iowans that need it most,” said Taylor.

Taylor stands for a photo.

Taylor’s interest in journalism has a strong connection to Iowa agriculture. A large part of her current work includes editing the Farm Bureau Spokesman.

“I read these stories about little kids learning about raising baby chickens or seeing their first tractor and it fuels this fire inside of me to keep these media forms alive so that the next generation can see the importance of agriculture and its effects on youth,” she said.

We look forward to reading the stories Taylor will write while sharing her passion for agriculture and Iowa. More than ever, we need agricultural leaders like Taylor who are willing to share the stories of our industry in the media.

“I am determined to achieve my biggest goals and to write for the future of Iowa,” Taylor said. “The bond between farmer and community is why I don’t want to leave this great state. I want my future children to grow up appreciating Iowa traditions and the joys in the simple things.”

Best of luck in your future endeavors, Taylor!