Future Ag Scholarship Winner-Omar

posted on Friday, January 21, 2022

Omar“Agriculture had a great impact on my life when it gave me my first job in 2014 with Iowa Select Farms,” said Omar. “I feel so lucky to have been given that opportunity as it sparked my interest about agriculture and the food supply chain.”

Omar’s first job taught him the importance of great animal care. He learned about how imperative biosecurity is to healthy animals. They need proper food, water, ventilation and care 24/7, 365. He has seen the value agriculture has and how it goes far beyond the farm.

Omar is currently studying Business-Economics at North Iowa Area Community College. He hopes to obtain his BA in Economics and then pursue his master's degree in Agriculture Economics. His career aspiration is to ensure that farmers have the proper resources to meet the demand. “I want a job where I can help solve supply and demand issues in agriculture and help allocate resources, so farms run more efficiently,” explains Omar.

Omar and his family are from Hampton and his parents, Hector and Clara are site managers for Nelson and Harry nurseries. “My family appreciates that Iowa Select looks after its employees. We look forward to receiving admission to the Iowa State Fair every summer,” he explains. “People recognize that Iowa Select Farms celebrates its employees and their hard work every day.”

Omar’s ambition and background is sure to help him attain his goals. “Every day we can take small steps to get us ahead of our goals,” he advises. He continuously asks himself if what he is doing today will get him closer to where he wants to be. “Success is not guaranteed, therefore, it’s up to us individually to make our success,” he says.

We appreciate Omar’s drive and wish him the best in all of his endeavors!