Garner Food Pantry

posted on Monday, July 31, 2017

"I think people will prefer this compared to the bologna we usually give out," laughed Shirley White, one of the main volunteers at God's Pantry in Garner. After retiring from the military, Shirley continued a life of serving and helping others though his work with the pantry and finds himself there nearly four days a week. He jokingly exclaimed, "Have you ever seen a more beautiful looking loin? These are the absolute perfect size and will be tremendously appreciated by the families that receive them."

Located within the United Methodist Church in Garner, God's Pantry serves nearly 110 families a month and relies on the unfailing support of volunteers like Shirley and Gar Grote.

"The pantry has been helping families in Garner and surrounding communities since 1971. They can come in on Monday mornings and Thursday afternoons," explained Gar. "We distribute food based on family size and need."

In addition to serving families in need twice a week, God's Pantry and the church also feed local children Monday through Friday in the summertime. "I think we had around 125 kids here yesterday and expect the same amount tomorrow. It can be tough for them to get quality, nutritious meals when school is not in session but we're committed to doing out part to ensure they're taken care of."

Thanks to Shirley, Gar and all of the volunteers that support God's Pantry and the community of Garner! #HaulOutHunger #billionplus