Giving Back to Tina's Tots in Diagonal

posted on Tuesday, March 15, 2022

“In a small community like Diagonal, Tina’s Tots is a true staple of the community,” said Ali Kraber, a representative of the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation. “They accommodate any family that walks into their doors no matter the request. A day care like this is why a company like Iowa Select Farms can be in a rural community like Diagonal, raise pigs and feed the world. That just shows how essential a day care like this really is.”

On the third stop, we spent time at Tina’s Tots day care within Diagonal Community School. In this small farming town, the kids were so excited to see a bunch of new farming toys to play with and quickly got to playing with all of them.

Tina’s Tots was nominated by Jaci and Joe, both employees of Iowa Select Farms.
As a new mom, Jaci's little one has come to fit in well with all the other farm kids at Tina's Tots.

“Tina's Tots is a small childcare center within the school but really plays a huge role in our small rural farming community,” said Jaci. “All the kids who attend day care here have families that farm. Day care is such a significant part of rural communities, and sometimes we don’t realize the impact they not only have on our kids but the ability for farmers to farm.”

With a farming community, everyone helps out. Day cares like Tina’s Tots are no different. In a small community like Diagonal, the day care and day care providers have really stepped up to accommodate the families whose kids they care for.

“Tina and her providers have opened up earlier, stayed late, and accommodated some pretty crazy schedules so farmers can work,” said Joe. “Day cares are essential, just like farmers, and without this place in Diagonal, we wouldn’t be able to stay in this community.”

“We do what we can for our farming families,” said Tina, Director of Tina’s Tots Day Care. “No matter what a parent needs, we help them. We know they have a big job to do, so we are happy to help them make sure they can accomplish that job.”

child with toy barn

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